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Is Your Car Heater Ready for Winter?

As the chill of winter approaches, ensuring that your car's heater is in top working condition is not just a matter of comfort, but also safety. Frosty mornings and icy winds can turn a simple drive into a shiver-inducing ordeal if your vehicle's heating system isn’t up to par. At Pramukh Automobiles, we specialise in Car Service Clyde North, ensuring that no matter how cold it gets outside, your Car remains warm and cozy inside. Here’s what you need to know to ensure your car’s heater is winter-ready.


Check for Adequate Heating

If your car takes too long to warm up or doesn't get warm enough, it's time to get it checked. A well-functioning car heater should be able to produce warmth shortly after the engine warms up. If you notice deficiencies, it may indicate issues with your car's coolant system or heater core, which are essential for proper heater operation.

 Listen for Unusual Noises

When you turn on the heater, listen for any unusual noises like banging, rattling, or whining. These sounds can be a sign of a failing heater fan or other mechanical issues within the heater system. Early diagnostics and car repairs can save you from more significant issues down the road.


Inspect for Leaks and Odours

A sweet, syrupy smell inside your car or a fogged-up windshield can indicate a coolant leak, which could affect your heater’s performance. Checking for leaks and repairing them promptly ensures that your heating system works efficiently and safely.


Don’t wait until the first frost to find out your car heater isn't working. At Pramukh Automobiles, we provide comprehensive car service, including car repairs, diesel car service, hybrid battery replacement, RWC certificate, tire repairs, and replacements, and much more specialized car heater service and repairs.


Our experienced car mechanics are here to ensure that your vehicle is prepared for winter, giving you peace of mind and a comfortable driving experience.


Schedule your car heater service with us today and stay warm this winter! For appointments, call us at 03 7067 9139 today.

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