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Mechanics Cranbourne 

Car Service And Repair Cranbourne 

Are you looking for a top-notch car service and repairs in Cranbourne? Come to Pramukh Automobiles right away. We are your trusted car service for all your automotive needs. With a team of skilled mechanics and a commitment to quality, we're here to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

We Can Help You With

RWC Cranbourne

Do you need a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) in Cranbourne to prove your vehicle’s safety standards? We can help. Our experienced mechanic will conduct a thorough inspection and address any necessary repairs, ensuring your vehicle passes the RWC test and helps you get the roadworthy certificate.

Brake Repairs Cranbourne 

Is your brake system giving trouble? Our car mechanics specialise in brake repairs and can provide all sorts of brake repairs and services. We have a team of brake repair specialists who will assess your brakes, recommend any necessary repairs, and have you back on the road with confidence.

Tyre Repairs, Replacements, And Wheel Alignments Cranbourne 

When your tyres and wheels are not in sync, it will not be a smooth ride. We offer expert tyre repairs, tyre service, tyre replacements, and wheel alignments in Cranbourne. Our skilled car mechanics will ensure your tyres are in optimal condition and that your wheels are properly aligned for a comfortable and safe driving experience.

Logbook Service Cranbourne 

Preserve your vehicle's warranty and performance with our comprehensive logbook service in Cranbourne. Our car mechanics adhere to manufacturer specifications, using quality parts and advanced techniques to keep your vehicle in peak condition.

Transmission & Suspension Repair Cranbourne

If you are experiencing transmission or suspension issues, our expert car mechanics have the knowledge and tools to diagnose and efficiently repair the problem. Get back on the road with a vehicle that delivers a smooth and comfortable ride.

AC Repairs Cranbourne

Whether you are facing leaks or poor air supply, it’s time to check your air conditioner. We offer top-notch AC repairs in Cranbourne to keep you cool and comfortable on your journeys. Our experienced car mechanics will diagnose the issue and provide the necessary repairs to ensure your AC system works at its best.

Need a trusted diesel car service or a reliable mechanic to service your car? We're just a call away. Apart from the above services, we also offer tyre replacements, battery repairs and replacements, hybrid battery replacement, diesel car service, electronic car service, and much more to our customers in Cranbourne. To schedule an appointment with us, call Pramukh Automobiles at 0422 864 512/ 03 7067 9139 today.

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